Your child grows from a cute infant to a terrorizing toddler to a sweet child to a willful one, and so on. With time, you begin to know his personality. He may be lazy, or a perfectionist, or a compulsive pack-rat. You’ve barely begun to accept the quirks and foibles of your child, when you’re bush-whacked.

The child you knew seems to have undergone a magical transformation – for the worse. She has become impatient and irritable. She snaps at the slightest provocation – and sometimes without any provocation whatsoever.

Anything you say or do is interpreted in the worst possible light. You say, “Would you like pasta for dinner?”

The response you get is: “Why do we always eat pasta?”

This, when the last time anyone in your family saw cooked pasta was two weeks ago.


If you ask, “How was your day?” you are told: “Just leave me alone.”

The next day, sadder but wiser, you leave him alone, only to be told: “You don’t care about me – you didn’t even ask what happened all day!” So you ask quickly how his day was, to hear him say: “I couldn’t be bothered with telling you now. You’re only asking me because I said that you’d ask me if you’re interested – you’re not really interested.”


Every day, in more and more ways, this scenario plays out, till you wonder what could possibly be wrong with your child.

It looks like no matter what you do or say, or don’t do or say, you are on the wrong side of your child. And you can find no way to get back on the right side. 

There are innumerable reasons why your child might be irritable: a conflict with someone, an unfulfilled wish, a secret fear, the hormonal changes that come with growing up – not just at puberty, but even earlier.

But these things are NOT the most frequent causes for your child’s irritability.

 Who is to Blame for Not-So-Happy Children?

You are not to blame for your not-so-happy child.

Your child is also blameless.

Have Happier Children – in 7 Days or Less! reveals:

 The hidden factor responsible for your child’s change of manner

  1. The 15 ways in which it makes your child moody, irritable and withdrawn
  2. Solutions to invigorate your child and restore her to general good humor

 All for $12.95 only!

These solutions are easy, instantly applicable, free-of-cost, practical, and guaranteed. 

Remember, this has nothing to do with your child’s age, sex, innate personality, history, abilities, relationships or anything like that. It has nothing to do with your age, income, education, profession, geographical location, parenting skills…

Beat the hidden factor responsible for your child’s irritability, and win at the parenting game. 🙂 

Have Happier Children – in 7 Days or Less!   Available now at only $12.95

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